Disadvantages Of Computer

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hat the early usage of computer will not be beneficial to them when they grow older. It is not hard to come to think on it, looking at the position and function of the keyboard, the elderly might experience hardship in using and follow the rules of the computer. According to C. Lai and W. Kristonis, the use of computer has a positive outcome in achieving the second language learners, but it still have its limitation and weaknesses such as isolated, financial and knowledge require issues. The effectiveness of technology to enhance second language both have an advantage and disadvantage that was recognized and emphasized by the authors. In this research that was conducted by Awais, Bilal, M.Usman, M. Waqas, and Sehrish, they stated that one of the beneficial ways in this era of Information Technology world is Internet. Internet can be used not only for academic purposes but in business intentions also. It enhances the capabilities and skills of the students which help them in academic and professional life. They say to be able to gain more information across the globe, that student with high Cumulative Grade Point Average must use more internets to gather what they think that is sufficient to them. The others having their expectations regarding in internet usage must encourage the people to their intentions to…show more content…
Serin, computer helps to motivates and help students to develop the heights of creativity and problem solving skills, identity, self-reliance in learners and gets them to take an active part in the learning process. It makes teaching techniques far more effective than those of the traditional teaching methods as it is used for presenting information, testing, evaluation, and providing comments or feedbacks. CBI provides materials for the students to proceed at their own pace and it serve to control lots of variables having an impact on learning which cannot be controlled by the traditional way of teachings. (Kasli, 2000 and Chang,
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