Importance Of ICT Development

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Umipig, James Edward L. MIT210 – IT Enabled BALANCING ICT DEVELOPMENT AND THE NEED TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT“ Wherever one looks, it is crystal-clear that everything – virtually – is being ‘touched’ by technology, that is, constantly under the development and reinvention so as to meet mankind’s quest for a better and more comfortable life. If one keenly observes the environment he or she is currently treading in, the most noticeable technology one might point out is that of communication devices, particularly whose purpose serves the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and industry. To further supplement this observation, the need for a better information retrieval and sharing stems from the fact that mankind belongs to a species with the most advanced methods of communication and they are, in a sense, social beings. With the rapid growth of the ICT industry, some of the most recent innovations are already seeping their way to merge with other industries. It…show more content…
A lot is vested upon their shoulders; ICT can ease that burden through the development of systems that can also predict weather and other conditions that will help farmers ensure bountiful yield. Also, informatics are being developed to keep farmers updated with the latest trends in farming, as well as best practices with regards to fertilizers and pesticide use. Indigenous people are being catered nowadays with technology. Slowly accepting the benefits of communication, indigenous people are given both the privilege and responsibility of sharing their respective culture to people for appreciation and education, thus preserving said culture and even protecting it from being lost. Perhaps the best advantage that ICT can give them is the assurance that they are not being left behind as a remnant of the past, rather safely cradled to the future through strengthening of their bonds with their respective

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