Concise Storytelling Skills

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When most college students are busy cultivating the oral presentation skills, only some realized the need to master the art of storytelling. Yes, to deliver a compelling presentation is hard and to deliver them in terms of a good story is even harder. A thought may cross the mind if being a good storyteller is actually beneficial? How far a student can go when equipped with these skills in the practical life? In fact, concise storytelling skills creates enormous plus points. Recent research of a Nielsen study shows that consumers want a more personal connection in the way they gather information. This means when a person able to deliver a story that bridges connection, the listener likely will be more influence. Here is why it is crucial for college students to equipped themselves with storytelling skills : Advancing towards your goals…show more content…
The introduction, climax and ending; all blends into a compelling story. You also need to learn how to create impactful story yet balancing all the elements so it does not sounds provoking. Academic narrating trains you to be observant, analytical. As you begin to tell a story, you not only take account of the audience’s emotional edge, but also your own life experience. It may not necessary for a leader to be a good storyteller but if you understand the human nature, that tilts the odds in your favor. By delivering points in terms of storytelling, you will learn to gauge your pace, and monitor the annotation and usage of vivid language. It will be a bit rusty at first, but underneath it all, we are all born storytellers. As you gradually apply these skills in your presentation, you’ll get more steps advancing towards your goal – mainly in accomplishing final year project presentation. When a college student able to deliver points that sits deep in the audience’s heart, this will unleash a significant plus point. Mastering the art of persuasion for future

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