Importance Of Growth Mindset

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Mindset is the motivating force that drives you to act and behave the way you do in all your life concerns: personal relationships, social life, artistic pursuits, and employment. How motivated you are is the gauge in how you pursue these activities and the state of happiness these activities bring. A positive mindset, however, makes the realization of happiness easier and lighter. Sources of motivation Having the motive to act may seem simple. But the question is the kind and the source of the motivation that drives you to act. If extrinsic factors are what motivate you, such as wealth, fame, image, social status, and position, these indicate a fixed mindset. People with fixed mindsets prove to be less happy as they have to prove they…show more content…
People with a growth mindset are happy with themselves, love and eager to explore life’s possibilities, are resilient when confronted with adversities. The extrinsic and intrinsic factors as source of motivation explain why a poor person can be happy with life while a millionaire remains dissatisfied in spite of all the riches owned. You can also look into the lives of celebrities who live for money, status and image as their goal and end up unhappy, trying to find happiness through drugs and alcohol. A positive mindset is the key to happiness. Recent studies conducted on mindset and happiness show that 40% of happiness comes from intentional activities. Being intentional, you have control over your mindset, giving you more options and possibilities; in control of your happiness. Mindset and your potentials People are born with talents and abilities. The difference is in the exercise of these talents and…show more content…
They view these negative statements as a chance to get smarter and that achieving your dreams and inclinations need time and effort. Achievement comes with talent and preparation. And if you put your mind to it and focus on your dream (an intrinsic motivation) and what your dream entails instead of focusing on the ability (whether you have it or not), chances are high for achieving your potentials to the fullest. It may not come soon enough, but you are heading in the right way. And learning in the process of achieving becomes fun and absorbing. Potentials are not impossibilities. Potentials are possibilities and because they are, you can make them possible by believing you can do it. A personality can change; personal qualities change, intelligence and abilities are not fixed but malleable. The first thing to do to make a change to a positive mindset is to believe in your abilities and capabilities and that you can do

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