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Beyond Scared Straight: A Fixed Mindset In a 2008 Sally Forth comic strip, Sally tries to give her daughter some encouragement before taking her final exams. She says, “You’re going to ace your finals, sweetie.” Sally expands on this explaining, “And you know how I know? Because you’re the smartest, most gifted, brilliant kid there is!” Her daughter responds with, “You’d say the same thing if I were a full-blown idiot, wouldn’t you?” Sally replies with, “I guess you’ll never know.” Although this was used as humor, Sally’s daughter may have been on to something. The purpose of this story was to illustrate the importance of how we see ourselves and our abilities. Many people view intelligence and other skills as gifts that they either have…show more content…
Juveniles would visit the prison facility and receive an aggressive, realistic presentation that depicted life in prison, including confrontations and discussions about the possibility of getting raped and/or murdered (Finckenauer, 1982). This program aimed to deter the troubled youth. By having the young people witness the experiences a person can have in an adult prison, the program hopes that its participants will refrain from breaking the law and following similar paths to the inmates serving life sentences, that they interacted with during their time in the…show more content…
Clair County, Illinois; Western Tidewater County, Virginia; San Bernadino County, California; and Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. The children will be divided in half; 50 will be participants scheduled to attend their county’s respective Scared Straight program; the other 50 will be randomly selected residents (control group) of those counties that will not be participating in any Scared Straight program. Overall, there will be ten children observed from each county, with five of those children being in the experimental group and going through their Scared Straight program and the other five children being the control

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