Ecstasy Overemphasizes The Standards Of Education

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I do not stand opposed to education. In fact, it is because I believe education to play such a crucial role in the maturity and growth of the individual, that I believe it necessary to critically analyze and determine its true purpose, as well as whether or not it upholds such. Education in America has undoubtedly grown and developed into what it has become today; likewise, society's view on education, especially in the teenage group, has also altered as the years progress. Despite education's increased popularity in the country and its evolution into a common, beneficial threshold of success and opportunity, a majority of teenagers' views towards school remains overall pessimistic, perhaps more now than ever. The hyperactively of the academic world gravely overemphasizes the standards of education, cultivating a mindset that spotlights academic intelligence as the only intelligence of true value in the world, and as a result teens tend to become idolaters to school, overlooking the importance of moral character and personal integrity.…show more content…
It places everybody under the same system, as if all people possess the same intelligence and, furthermore, the same method of presenting one's knowledge. Test grades do not accurately record one's intelligence as much as it measures one's test-taking skills and ability to cope with stress. A notable example, the SATs and the ACTs, have a standardized format, and presents "intelligence" in a number. Modern education has gravely emphasized the standards and requirements of school, and as a result have led teens to becoming idolaters to grades, scholarships, and

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