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Executive Summary Gym and health spa can be described as a service which intends to provide physical health care with the help of different types of specialized equipment. The main principle of health and spa is providing good service to the customers regarding their health and fitness. The marketing fitness training reflects the demographics standard of living. In some cases female customers provided more attention by providing female trainers. Topic Description: Knowing your customers and being able to provide what satisfies them is crucial issue for today’s service providers and the core of today’s marketing paradigm. Knowledge of consumer behaviour helps in effective segmentation and in creating successful offers. However,…show more content…
Analysts with American sporting data says, “this has been fastest growing segment of gym and health spa memberships since they began studying fitness gym trends in 1998. They add that the number of active participants who visits the gym at least 100 times per year in the year 55 years plus category jumped 33 percent compared to 13 % for the 34 group. Driving this trend is the vast member of aging Baby Boomers an estimated 70 million by 2030 according to CDC and Merck institute of aging data. The age groups enjoy a growing awareness about how fitness improves the quality of life for people with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis. Theoretical discussion Gym and Health Spas can be high involvement compulsive consumption consumer behaviour as in most of the cases. Consumers are well aware with the out comes from health and spas. The tendency and moral awareness towards Gym and Health Spas seems rapidly increasing as a good sign of keeping people healthy and…show more content…
People with the age of 36-55 and even mature categories customers are increasing rapidly. Also they find that customers tend to be more educated and the percentage of students is increasing. Major customer motivates for becoming members in the gym and spas includes training and staying fit as well as losing weight. Moreover, customer choose gym and spa centre based on criteria such as cost, quality of environment, building and equipment, group exercise programme content and the quality of the instructors. Despite experiencing solid growth during the past decade (with the exception of the past two years) the market has not yet reached saturation. As a result, Gym Health and Spa fitness club industry is expected to remain in growth phase with revenue expected to rise at an average annual rate of 2.6% to 28.2 billion in the five years to 2016 according to IBIS world. The marketing for gym and health spas has been crystal clear as it is directly related to the public health and people have a clear intended response to the advertising made by the gym and health spas.

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