John Stumpf's Wells Fargo

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Great leaders have growth mindsets. The people who make the best leaders tend to have certain traits about them. They are self-aware, have self-regulation, are motivated, have empathy, and have excellent social skills. John Stumpf is the CEO of Wells Fargo. Nevertheless, Stumpf seems to have these qualities. However, it is also a leader’s responsibility to sustain the culture of their company through their decisions and actions. Nevertheless, Stumpf strives to create a culture based around his decisions such as the mentoring program. This mentoring program is intended to develop diverse and unique talent within the cooperation. Furthermore, the growth mindset and having a high emotional intelligence generally makes a leader shine. Self-awareness is knowing your emotions and understand your feelings. John Stumpf demonstrates self-awareness by recognizing his strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Nevertheless, him being able to recognize his own strengths and weaknesses help him understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Therefore, understanding that will shed light on the areas of the company that needs improving. However, this leads to self-regulation.…show more content…
This does not mean that leader’s should be soft on their employees. Furthermore, John Stumpf believes that there needs to be a balance. He believes when an employee makes a mistake they should be held accountable. However, they should be coached on what they did wrong so in the future they do not make the same mistake. This would require one to control their emotions. Furthermore, Stumpf believes if an employee makes a mistake than to prevent it from happening again. It is critical to understand it from their point of view. All efficient leaders are

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