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Growth Mindset is believing that in order to improve your ability to do something better is through dedication and hard work. In other words having a growth mindset is knowing you need to improve something and then working on your hardness to improve what’s needed. Grit is sticking with things over the very long term until you master them said in Angela Duckworth researched paper. Furthermore grit is a trait that most people have. Grit is basically mastering a topic or a craft no matter how long it takes you. The principal is in completing it. Some advantages of having a Growth Mindset is knowing that you would never get upset or angry on a test or project your doing. People with a growth mindset learn from their mistakes and…show more content…
Being gritty helps a person with a growth mindset succeed because having grit as a trait leads into having a growth mindset. In many ways growth mindset and grit are connected. When someone as grit they don’t give up until it's mastered and growth mindset is working hard to excel on that something you’ve been trying to master or fix. Angela Duckworth and the research on grit by Emily Hanford describe what means to be grit is. “Sticking with things over the very long term until you master them”. In other words, Hanford means that a person that is gritty can take a various amount of time and effort to familiarize that work that's giving at hand but when they finally understand the task they have gotten, they gain all the mastery need to learn the work. In the research on grit by Angela Duckworth. She states that most people can learn how to be gritty and that the trait can change throughout the person's life. “ It’s not clear what makes some people grittier than other, but Angela Duckworth believes grit is something people…show more content…
They also end up blaming life on it when they could always just do better. “When I gave people with the growth mindset the same vignette, here’s what they think … I need to try harder in class, be more careful in parking the car…” People with a growth mindset tend to look at the better outcome thing versus a person with a fixed mindset never do. Throughout life growth mindset can help you achieve many things in life. In tenth grade when I took my English regents and I got my score on the last day of school. I had got a 73, in my head I knew that for college they prefer for students have a 75 or higher. I got home that day and told my mom what happened that I was going to the 11th grade so I had time to get a higher grade. That following year I took the test over and I an 85, higher than I even expected. I achieve that 85 with hard working and motivation for my mom. She told that I was better and smarter than that, and I was. Overall growth mindset and grit have a lot to do with each other in life. Growth mindset can always help you with looking at a bad situation in a positive way. Asking yourself question like how can I make it better? Or at least I tired? Grit on the

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