Importance Of Governance In Healthcare

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Governance in health care and particularly health financing has been an object of interest in the last decades (4,6,7,12). Many different approaches have been taken to achieve UHC, from capacity building to establishing new payment mechanisms. Recently, international attention has shifted from central issues, like how countries can achieve UHC and improve access to health care services, towards how the health sector is governed. This means that the emphasis shifted to the identification of factors that influence the behavior of a health care system rather than discussing input and outputs. These factors include structures, procedures, and rules that lead to better performance and outcome. (7) Since governance operates in numerous dimensions, the term lacks a consensus on definition and framework, especially regarding the health sector (7). Governance, like government, derives from the Greek verb kubernáo (to steer) but was re-shaped in the 1990s by economist and political scientist, and disseminated by international organizations and institutions, e.g. the UN and World Bank into its today's meaning (32).…show more content…
Many authors focus on normative principles when dealing with governance in its broadest sense, e.g. the UN opines that good governance results when the country’s public sector operates according to a set of principles, e.g. transparency, accountability, predictability, responsiveness, and participation (33). However, these principles are not instrumental towards accomplishing social goals but are valued because of their normative aspect

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