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Eating is a routine activity to meet the needs of the human body. Food intake by eating a regular schedule is important especially for university students. However, due to the learning schedule is too crowded and lack of nutritious meals prepared at the cafe or others restaurant, it causing students no choice and had to buy the food. This has led many students to gain weight. From findings of the study, researchers found that there was a significant relationship between food intake and obesity among UNIMAS students that is a respondents in this study. This findings has support our hypothesis that food intake is the cause of obesity among students. There are four research questions. The first research question answered the questions what type…show more content…
For this question, the study finds that students prefer to eat outside than eating at home such as fast food restaurant, cafe or restaurants, canteens and roadside stalls. This is because most of the time respondents spent in the classrooms, library and so on. Most of respondents also live out of campus and this situation makes it difficult for them to get healthy food. They had to buy food outside the constraints of time to cook at home. If students choose to cook for themselves, they can choose to cook nutritious meals instead of buying outside that are not guaranteed hygiene and nutrition of the food. The evidenced is a study conducted by Ismail et al. (2002) which states fast food outlets are increasing due to the increased demand of the peoples for saving their time to have quick time for a meal during busy time because they want to finish their work quickly. Besides that, the student also has a eating habit like prefer to have supper, drink soft drinks when having a meal, eat fruit and vegetables every day and eat break fast every day. But,the individual who always skip breakfast and eat a meal during brunch has a higher risk towards obesity compare to those who always having breakfast every day because the people will eat more for replacing breakfast during lunch, the rate of obese for those are been high (Robertson et al.,

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