Importance Of Quality Consciousness In Health

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A study of quality consciousness in doctors of a tertiary care teaching hospital. ROOPAM KUMAR R. GUPTA*1, HARESH J. JANI2, Affiliation 1 PhD Research Scholar, Faculty of Management Studies, C U Shah University, Surendranager, Gujarat, India Gujarat, India. 2Advisor & Former Vice Chancellor, C U Shah University, Surendranager, Gujarat, India.. *Email id: Mobile No: 9099922480 ABSTRACT Introduction The importance of quality in health care service is increasing. Six dimensions of health care quality is defined by World Health Organization and they focus on patient and facilities. (WHO, 2006; IOM, 2001) The apex quality accreditation agency in India ‘National Accreditation Board Hospitals’ defines 10 quality standards…show more content…
Results We found overall 64.8% doctors with the good of quality consciousness, but there was significant difference (p0.05) shows there is no significant difference from the expected ideal or there is good quality consciousness on this dimension. The sixth statement was based on the safety dimension which states ‘Quality means ensuring the ‘Safety’ of patients’ or to minimize risks and harm to service users. 100% of the doctors have agreed to this dimension with p value of 0.65 (>0.05) showing no significant difference from the ideal and hence excellent quality consciousness on this point. In India the Quality Council of India (QCI) is the apex body that regulates quality in all sectors and its board named National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH) has now become a symbol of quality assurance in Hospitals. NABH defines 10 quality standards that are grouped as 5 Patient Centred Standards and 5 Organisation Centred Standards. In part B of this tool, the 7th to 16th statements are based on these standards, and represent one important objective of the chapter. Again we assume that the ideal expected response would be 100% doctors giving strong agreement with the…show more content…
This chapter deals with the importance of communication of information to ensure that right information being made available to the right person at the right time. Documentation in digital format using information technology to capture, utilize, store, analyse, transmit and retrieve as and when required. 96% agree with this statement and this includes 90% strongly agreeing and a p value of 0.97 (>0.05) shows good level of quality

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