Medical Staff Flaws

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Medical staff bylaws are “standards governing the practice of medical staff members that are typically voted on by the organized medical staff and the medical staff executive committee and then approved by the facility’s board; medical staff members must abide by these bylaws in order to continue practicing in the healthcare facility” (Page). Meaning that these are rules that is set but the joint commission that must be followed that are used by the facility and if you do follow these rules then you will not continue to practice in the facility. “Medical staff bylaws typically include a number of categories into which a practitioner is assigned” (Matza, 2011). For instance, these categories would include the classification of medical staff…show more content…
The required medical staff bylaws content includes the first one being, the definition of the medical structure, the definition of the criteria and qualifications for appointment to medical staff, and the definition of the qualifications and roles or responsibilities of the chair department. More of these standards includes credentialing, privileging, appointment processes, and related medical staff governance. Equally important is the importance of the medical staff quality; one would notice that there is a process to where you must followed to get into the medical staff. That is one must put in an application that documents your education and training in a particular specialty. Therefore, employees are looking for not only credentials but something that sets you apart from the rest you might be qualified for the job but doesn’t have extra to offer the institution you are applying for. Furthermore, medical staff credentialing and training is offer by certain associations that offer these credentials and states if a school is accredited or…show more content…
Accreditation is first, is the act of granting credit or recognition, especially to an educational institution that maintains suitable standards. This means an institution must grant recognition that they are following the guidelines to offer education to a student. While, another question to ask is: who accredited your school’s program? According to “Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach, Fourth edition” states that “in 2004, the AHIMA House of Delegates voted to establish an independent accreditation commission known as CAHIIM”. “CAHIIM is the accrediting agency for degree-granting programs in health informatics and information management” (Page 22). Your school of choice should come up on your organization website that your program is accredited by and if you do not see your school’s name then most likely they are not accredited properly or might be going through the process of getting accreditation but if so this should be stated on the school’s website. Meanwhile, to get a credential in your field you have to get it from the association that is affiliated with your school. For example, AHIMA recognized these certification programs

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