Public Health Surveillance In Nigeria Case Study

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MODULE 5: PART 5 FINAL PROJECT (DESCRIPTION OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM IN NIGERIA) TOM-ABA DANIEL, STUDENT ID: 2385499 PROGRAMME: MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH SCHOOL: UNIVERSITY OF ROEHAMPTON ONLINE MMPH-0007501, Epidemiology: Investigating the Spread of Disease. Introduction Country: Nigeria Disease Condition: Poliomyelitis Public health surveillance systems that exist in Nigeria Nigeria is a slow pace developing country with a lot of medical issues which describes a weak health care system as purported by World Bank(2006) “to be a weak link in the global public health surveillance framework” (World Bank, 2006). For any healthcare system to have complete control over its disease spread and containment especially when dealing with infectious or communicable diseases (CDs), Effective emergency response systems must be in place with optimum disease surveillance (Abubakar et al, 2013).…show more content…
According to CDC (2012), “Public health Surveillance system is defined as the systematic ongoing collection, management, analysis and interpretation of data followed by the dissemination of these data to public health programs to stimulate public health action” (CDC,

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