Good Governance: The Most Important Importance Of Good Governance

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The definition of development has always been a controversial one. But to me personally, the idea of development is process which include a change in many aspects of human condition. On the other hand, governance is known as the process of interactions and decision-making based on the main concern of public life. It refers to the rules that manages and supervises society. Poor governance mostly causes a failure and underdevelopment to its country. Thus, in order for late developing countries to grow, they need good governance, that will be able to lead those countries to develop better. In development studies too, good governance is one of the most important influence that determines a country's growth prospect. Based on United Nations Development…show more content…
In order to achieve that, the development principles are promote human, society, and economic development, go after the improvement of health, prosperity and productivity of people, adjustment of inequality without meddling and promote development without destroying ecosystem and environment. It also need to focus on the three elements of development. The first one is the importance of human development (education, accommodation, health and hygiene, mental and personality). The second one is prioritized development fields (food, marine industry, electricity or energy, tourism and manufacture). The last one is social and regional equality between areas and different income brackets. It is mentioned that Quick Wins or the visualization of development and other developmental programs are going to be promoted. The strategy declares that the requirements are law enforcement and compliance, public safety and social order, politics and democracy, and also governance and administrative…show more content…
This is a national programme that uses policy frameworks as the physical foundation which was firstly introduced by the government of Indonesia together with the World Bank in 2007. Through local communities empowerment and increasing the opportunities of employment, one of PNPM programs which is PNPM Rural has successfully made a significant improvements in poverty reduction, access to health service resulting from better roads and bridges, and long-term employment. Programmes of PNPM have had a great impact in poor areas as well as in low educated

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