Narrative Essay About The Flood

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The flood had ripped through the town picking up and scattering everything that wasn't connected to the ground with its muddy waters. A car floated by. It was a red Chevrolet bel air. It used to be nice but now it was covered in mud and filled with water. A white hat also floated by. It was a father's hat. How do I know this well let me explain. I knew the bel air used to be nice because I rode in it almost every day. I knew the hat was a father's hat because it was my father's hat and the bel air was our family’s car. What happened you ask to the car to my father and to me. It is a sad story one full of death loss and pain it happened quickly and ended just as quick as it had started. It was a warm summer day. The sun was beating down from…show more content…
My brother and I were playing baseball with our friends Bo, Jim, and Slick. Slick’s real name isn't slick it was Alec but he always had his hair slicked back so we called him slick. Half way through our makeshift baseball game in the old wheat field behind my parents house, my mother Anne called us in for lunch. We said goodbye to our friends not knowing it would be the last we’d ever see each other again. After eating some of moms amazing home cooking our dad, Paul took us out in the bel air to the town pool. It wasn't a very clean pool but it beat sweating in the heat. So we jumped in the pool and kicked back relaxed and had fun. About an hour later some clouds rolled in. These clouds were different. They were an ominous dark grey. They were big storm clouds and they were moving fast. Paul told us to get out of the pool and that we were headed home. So we got out of the pool and dried off and headed home for supper thinking it's just going to be a thunderstorm but we were wrong way wrong. Halfway home the rain came down in full force. It sounded like gunshots on the roof of the bel air. A few minutes later we came across a river. It had washed out the asphalt road and left only rushing water. The river was rising quickly
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