Removable Partial Dentures Essay

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Laboratory Procedures of Removable Partial Dentures Introduction about the Removable Partial Dentures. Aalam identified a removable partial denture as a component of prosthodontics that acts as an artificial restoration replacing one or more missing teeth (but not all the teeth) and their supporting structures.2 The Department of prosthodontics noted the main objective of removable partial dentures which is reconstruction of the proper oral function including mastication, esthetics, speech and patients’ comfort. Other objectives include maintenance of health of the teeth and oral structures (as the alveolar bone) and to get rid of any oral diseases. 1 Aalam suggested some advantages of removable partial dentures which include: • Providing support to teeth having…show more content…
• Patients requiring better oral hygiene as they can be removed from the mouth and cleaned. • When there is sufficient remaining alveolar bone and healthy oral mucosa to support the denture. 2 Removable partial dentures are contraindicated to be used when: • A few numbers of properly situated natural teeth are remaining in the jaw. • Teeth have insufficient support from their underlying structures. • There is extensive periodontal disease or caries in remaining teeth. • Patients have bad oral conditions and poor hygiene.2 The University of Babylon stated that the denture development process takes about 3-6 weeks and several appointments. Once a dentist determines that a removable partial denture is the best choice, there are general steps to be carried out.3 There are two phases in removable partial denture construction starting with the clinical procedures then followed by the laboratory procedures which contain many steps including study cast, master cast, duplication, wax pattern, investing cast, casting and finishing and

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