Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing

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1. Introduction Evidence-based practice has been commonly used for providing finest nursing cares in healthcare service. In this passage, both facilitators and barriers encountered while developing evidence-based practice and related examples would be illustrated respectively. Definition of Evidence-based practice (EBP) In endless of literatures, there is a variety of definition of evidence-based practices. Generally, The major three components of evidence-based practice are research-based information, clinicians’ expertise and patient references. (Schmidt & Brown, 2015) Evidence-based practice refers to a problem-solving approach to treatment of clients that combines the application of genuine research findings with scientific theories.…show more content…
In the research, staff nurses were requested to complete a questionnaire to rank the difficulties in implementing evidence-based practice. The results with mean scores indicated that a large group of nurses felt unconfident in judging the quality of research reports, found it difficult to comprehend the research reports and also meet obstacle when they looked for desired research reports and organizational information. (Gerrish & Cook, 2013) A research done by Leach in 2015 pointed out the attitude of nurses toward evidence-based practice mostly positive and believed that evidence-based practice is necessary in nursing practice. However, due to insufficient of basic knowledge of research skills and researching terms, nurses found there was a wide knowledge gap between clinical practice and evidence-based practice. (Leach, Hofmeyer & Bobridge, 2015). Another findings pointed out that nurses in Singapore supported the idea of evidence-based practice, but evidence-based practice was slowed down by their limited knowledge in searching and understanding literatures (Majid, 2011) Therefore, inadequate knowledge for evidence-based practice becomes a barrier and it is impossible to develop the evidence-based practice in…show more content…
(Gerrish, 2013). Nurses in this research were asked to complete a questionnaire with ranking different difficulties in establishing evidence-based practice. The results was analyzed and displayed with mean score of collected-back data. Many nurses responded that they had not enough time to engage in evidence-based practice. Even if they tried to search for evidence-based practice, they had no time to implement or make any effective changes by their research findings. Also, nurses reported that they did not have adequate time to look for relevant research reports that might be useful for their clinical settings and

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