Narrative Essay About A Science Fair

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The wife of a poor immigrant man got sick. The doctors told her that her time was coming to an end and told her to say her goodbyes. Because her daughter, Isabella Ramos, was only in her senior year of high school, the mother felt like she didn’t have enough time with her. Before she passed away, she told her daughter, “Mija, I want you to focus on school. Don’t get carried away with boys and make sure you to college.” She passed away soon after. Isabella was heartbroken because her mother was her best friend. But she remembered her mother’s advice and didn’t focus on the pain and instead focused on school. Her father was also heartbroken, so he did not remarry. While at school, Isabella was faced with two bullies. The bullies were sisters…show more content…
All her hard work was ruined. With having only one day left, it seemed almost impossible for her to restart the project and finish it in time. She knew she had to think of something fast, so she came up with the idea of getting help from the science club she was in. Each person was happy to help and they all brought a tool to help the project. They got the job done right in time for the science fair. The science fair was a three-day event. The first day everyone showed their projects. The judges picked the top five best projects to move on to the next round. As they competed on the second day, the two best projects would then move on to the last and final day. The two bully sisters went to the convention to see Liberella be a failure. The girls saw Zachary there, greeted him, and asked him questions about his project. Then they asked him the question they were dying to know. “We saw you at a restaurant once with Liberella. Why would you be out with such an ugly girl like that?” asked Jessica. “It’s not what you think. I was only out with her because I was trying to get some information out of her. You really think I would be out with a girl like her on purpose?” replied

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