Importance Of Enterprise In Social Life

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Our desires and needs drive our decisions, while choosing between two alternatives the impact of scarcity cannot be ignore. Further our wants can never reach its end no matter how much wealth one has, it is likely that we still want to add additional digits to it. Even though life expectancy has increased by 33 years from 1990 but the human desire is to live longer. Minimizing the flight duration to it’s lest possible time, thus-far passengers’ want to avoid flight delays and cannot wait in transit. Internet and email messages made it possible for us to send letter halfway around the world and receive a response just in seconds, yet users want higher broadband and speed. Provided that the basis of such wants are for the salvation, healing and…show more content…
Initially, society members are making the backbone of enterprises. We could not imagine the existence of enterprises without its basic platform. Both - societies and enterprises - has strong bonds with one another. Society members prove most of the essential resources that are used by enterprises, enterprises need human capital in order to perform their basic operations. Indeed, without adequate capital, human and financial resources, no enterprise can hope to succeed (Pizzigati, 2004). In a similar way we can argue the importance of enterprises in our social life, i.e., The higher life expectancy rate would not have been achieved if we would not have access to modern medical equipment and treatment, our expectation to have more broadband would not have increased if we would not have access to the internet and emails. We would still have been using the same mien of transportations that were used by Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, if the air plan industry had not been invented. Though it is not possible to generate plentiful enough jobs, products and wealth to suffice our wants. It is indeed suggested that in-order to attain the most out of scarce resources, and make the most out of our limited time, for generating wealth, we all should cooperate with each other (Dwight,…show more content…
What is particularly relevant in this context is not just merely the government or the public trying to fix or mitigate the problem of concentration of wealth, but also that the rich have a heavy burden on their shoulder, if they are believers, that they not merely pursue amassing wealth, but also that they do so within the broader objective of this fundamental religious economic principle. Christians are taught the story of the Good Samaritan from the Book of Luke in the New Testament. Similarly, the Koran encourages Muslims to give food out of love for Him to the poor and the orphan and the captive: help them for Allah's sake (Dwight,

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