Freedom And Freedom In Today's World Today

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Crispin Essay Have you ever questioned what it would feel like to not be free? This novel has all kinds of twists and turns with Crispin being free and chased to death. Crispin never gets a break in life. He is always running, never walking. Freedom today is very different than freedom in the middle ages. We have freedom today that is very different from the middle ages. One thing that is different is, we can choose the job that we want to do. For instance, I could be a teacher, a nurse, and many more. Although, in the middle ages you had to work on the farm if you were a peasant, if you could read and write you were more likely to be a priest, and so on. When you were a kid, you had to work on the farm. Another thing is different is, you get to choose where you lived.…show more content…
One major inequality in our world today is, racism. It used to be so bad that African-American and white people could not go into the same bathroom, drink out of the same water fountain, and even sit in the same seat on a bus. If any of this happened, you would go to jail and maybe be punished for life. Although now, you have the freedom to go to any bathroom of the same gender and drink from any water fountain. “We passed village fields where people were at work in the rain and mud. No one knelt. They simply stared. As they had shunned my mother in life, so they shunned her now. As for me, I felt, as I often did, ashamed. It was as if I contained and unnamed sin that made me less than nothing in their eyes.” (Avi 2) Another thing that is not equal in this world is, the women used to not be able to vote. Men thought that women were nothing but people that took care of the children, cooked, and cleaned. All of this changed in the year 1920. This was the year that the 19th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified. Women fought to say that, women should have just as much rights as men have. Inequality has changed much of the world, people, and

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