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Social Entrepreneurship in the Classroom “Interest in Social Entrepreneurship (SE) has exploded in recent years,” -Kim Corfman, vice dean for MBA Programs at New York University’s Stern School of Business. (2) A decade ago, search engine result on “Social Entrepreneurship” would have resulted in a few thousand results, today it results in around 20 million. Over the last years, SE has seen a rise in terms of formalization and awareness. The same boom has been happening in the classroom. The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship in Schools The teaching of SE in educational institutions have seen a great increase since the 1970s. This is a very recent trend and the number of nonprofit courses in top B-Schools have doubled since 2003 (13). As of 2011, around 148 institutions were teaching some aspect of social entrepreneurship (15). To…show more content…
Some examples include the following: Stanford offers many elective courses ranging from public policy, nonprofit management, social and environmental entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy (1); Harvard claims to have 90 faculty members engaged in social enterprise research (1) and they say they have published more than 500 books and case studies since 1993. (2) Kellogg provides 80,000 dollars seed money prize for graduating student that launches a non profit straight out of school. Berkeley Haas partners with McKinsey for providing pro bono consulting for nonprofits where McKinsey acts as coaches. (2)The Skoll Center of Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford - Said Business School is a new program funded by grant from Jeff Skoll - founder of Ebay and set up in 2003. It funds 5 Skoll Scholars every year through the program. (2) In total around 224 universities and colleges worldwide offer courses in their programs.

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