Characteristics Of The Harlem Renaissance

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Abstract The Harlem Renaissance was an artistic movement amongst the African Americans. This research paper highlights the definition of Harlem Renaissance movement, five authors of the Harlem Renaissance such as Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen and some more describing their childhood as well as their inspirations to be part of this movement. Additionally, five more authors like Jean Toomer, Walter White as well as James Weldon Johnson will be described with their roles during this movement, expressing the African-American culture. Also, the themes in the black urban experience such as racial pride, slavery and political hierarchy during the Harlem Renaissance will likewise be outlined. Furthermore, five different critiques with solutions to each of them, by various individuals of the Harlem Renaissance will be explained…show more content…
At last, the attention on HARLEM—an old Dutch-constructed neighborhood of New York City—shows that this "renaissance" was something of a urban marvel. Indeed, the energizing improvements in African American social existence of the 1920s were not constrained to Harlem, but rather likewise had established in other urban groups where dark Americans moved in awesome numbers: East St. Louis, Illinois; Chicago's south side; and Washington, D.C.The Harlem Renaissance was moreover alluded to as the “New Negro Movement”. Grasping scholarly, melodic, dramatic, and visual expressions, members looked for to reconceptualize “the Negro” separated from the white generalizations that had affected dark peoples’ relationship to their legacy and to each other. They moreover looked for to break free of common disgrace approximately angles of their lives that might, as seen by whites, brace bigot convictions. Never overwhelmed by a specific school of thought but Or maybe characterized by strongly wrangle about, the development laid the foundation for all afterward African American writing and had a

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