Effects Of Noise Pollution

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The effect of noise is dangerous for animal life too. Due to continuous noise, their habitat decreases and the threatened creatures reach the brink of extinction. The most notable of the deadly effects of noise pollution is that some species of whale die due to noise. Noise pollution has extremely harmful effects on other organisms and vegetation. Due to frequent noise, animals and birds leave their habitat and move away. Wild creatures migrate from the forest areas near the mining areas and high traffic roads. Due to acute sound waves, birds may even stop laying eggs. Many microbes are destroyed by acute sound, which inhibit decomposition of wastes. There are adverse effects of pollution on pets such as turbulence, decrease in their milk content.…show more content…
The use of scientists and researchers reveals that whale fishes speak high when there is a searchable device in water. Latest Study on Effects of Noise Pollution According to a recent study, traffic noise increases the risk of heart failure. Road, rail traffic noise, noise during air travel, have a profound effect on the person's heart. Staying near the highway can prove to be harmful to your heart. As part of this study, Andreas Seidler and his friends from Dresden University of Technology of Germany received and studied information from statutory health insurance companies for evaluation throughout Germany for several years. In this case-control study of secondary data, these researchers found that those who lived in the Rhine-Main area, where the noise was very high, were much more likely to die due to heart attack. It was concluded based on 2005…show more content…
However, research has been done so far only about the noise and heart attack. This study is part of a study conducted by NORAH (Noise-Related Annoyance, Cognition, and Health) which is spread through Europe. Measures for Prevention or Control of Noise Pollution • Considering the widespread ill-effects of noise pollution, measures need to be taken to control them. • Increasing noise pollution is very harmful for the health, efficiency and operationality of animals, organisms, flora etc. as well as the adaptation and balance of the environment. • It has become necessary to control it and also to make people aware of this. • Factories, which mainly produce noise pollution, should be established far away from settlements, forests, reservoirs and hilly areas. • Settlements should not be located at least within 20 kilometers from mining areas, and airports. • Explosives should be not used in mountainous, forest and mining

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