English Imperialism In Canada

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I agree that English has acted as an imperialistic, invasive subversion force on the Native People in Canada. It was due to the tremendous popularity English had gained in western countries and Canada itself was competing with the western nations as they realized the importance of English Language. However, it was only the native people in Canada who were not ready to change.So, the government of Canada took a firm stance to improve the standard of living of the Native People. As they believe they lacked behind, and some efforts should be done to improve their level of living. As the native people only follow their culture and the only way of earning money for them was the traditional way that was fishing and farming. As mention in David Cook’s article that there were two…show more content…
Which eventually changed the world as it use to look. It was “ the British imperialism in the nineteen century" and the "economic influence of the United States in the twentieth century". So there was no doubt that English has made its trademark in the world, and people who need to flourish should read and learn English. English is necessary for all walk of life from mass communication to advertising to education. Even the world’s scientists and technologist started publishing and exchanging knowledge in English rather than their mother language. Although the world recognized English as an international language, it was the Native people in Canada who was not ready to adopt it. So in the 19th century, the Canadian government believed it was their responsibility to educate and revamp the lifestyle of Aboriginal people in Canada. As they thought, it was their best chance for prosperity and to learn English as well to learn Christianity

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