Importance Of Education In My Life

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I’m from a small rural town in south-central Utah, Delta if you’ve heard of it before. There’s a lot of farms and sagebrush, so you bet I know how to milk a few goats and cows. My parents came to this country, from Mexico, because of more opportunities and more for their children. They have always had the work hard and get what you earn attitude, so they would pick up 2 jobs at a time and not be home as much. Until my mom got rheumatoid arthritis and that held her back and now only has one job. My parents have showed me that with hard work and perseverance, you can do anything you put your mind to. They have always valued education since they didn’t finish there’s and have regretted it because if they had they would’ve had more opportunities, so they have pushed me as well.…show more content…
I wanted to challenge myself ever since middle school and that pushed me to get better grades and get involved in school more. That pushed me to get into a college level class in sophomore year and get a 4.0. I got into a computer class that was all men and I earned a 4.0 in that class to. My family and the challenges I have faced in high school have pushed me to try new things and different things and that lead me to choose my career choice. I’ve always been surrounded by health care and technology, that made it difficult from me to stick with just one career. That was until I took a different approach to it and fell in love all over again with the medical

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