Racism In South Africa

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United States Distinguishing races as superior or inferior has been a problem of humanity for a long time, and still is one. Today, 59% of the hate crimes in United States of America is racially motivated (FBI, 2017). The origins of this issue dates back to larger conflicts in the past. Countries with high rates of ethnic varieties, such as the United States of America and South African Republic, had to deal with the consequences of this problem for years. This essay aims to compare and contrast the racism and political extremism of the United States of America and South Africa. The segregation processes in both countries include the separation of public services such as schools, buses etc. The apartheid action in South Africa started in 1948…show more content…
Even though Africans formed the majority of the population, white Afrikaners held the power on economy, politics and social life. The Afrikaner Volksfront required the native Africans to live in separate townships, carry an identity pass at all times, use different buses, toilets, restaurants etc. and work in drudges for very few prices. The Africans didn’t have the right to vote, and it was illegal to have racially mixed relationships. The apartheid regime did not only affected the Africans, but also other races like Asians and Coloureds. As a result of the segregation, the African National Congress (ANC) was founded in order to reflect the ideas of the Africans in white Afrikaner dominated country. The situation was similar in the United States; the racial discrimination was everywhere in society. Segregation has started with “Jim Crow” laws by the will of Southern states. Even though Southerners were democrats, they were very conservative on civil…show more content…
In South Africa, with the leadership of Nelson Mandela non-violent protests started to take place. The government declared a state of emergency, and the security forces killed many political activists. In USA, right-wing segregationists in South were provoked by non-violent protests. With the election of John F Kennedy, activists started to deliberately break the unjust laws of segregation to draw attention on the negative effects of racism and the segregation. Protests such as “sit-ins” and “freedom rides” gathered attention of the society, and was met with white violence, from both the police and racist groups. Many civil rights defenders were killed, and FBI did little for the protection these defenders. Meanwhile, the present president of the United States, Herbert Hoover were concentrated on the stopping communism to spread more, thus there was lack of attention by the government on the civil rights issue. While in South Africa with the foundation of United Democratic Front (UDF) in the place of ANC, the protests started to rise more violence. Security forces were sent to Townships to kill political activists by the

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