Moving To A New Country Essay

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People say I came out the womb doing y=mx+b. But, I don’t think so, because smartness doesn’t come with birth. I wasn’t born remembering ax2+bx+c=0, or C6H12O6. It’s just that I kept doing what I loved. I memorized equations when I sat down on my bed every night with a paper and wrote random equations, to solve for x and y. .And belonging to an Indian immigrant family, I learned the importance of hard work and education. It all started when I left my country and came to U.S. I was fascinated by this new country, especially by the education system. Everyone here had the opportunity to go to school for free, unlike in India where you had to pay. I loved going to school everyday and learning. So it didn’t take me time to realize that my goal in coming here is education. My parents had no education above 10th grade. Due to lack of education, they couldn’t find jobs. Questions like What, where, when, and how, loaded their minds. What kind of job will we find, and where…show more content…
I couldn’t see my dad wake up at 5:30 am everyday to go to store and hope to increase the earning of the register by even 5%. Every time I walked in the store, the smell of incenses gratified me. The sound of clicking buttons on the register and scanning lottery slips in the machine filled my head. But, the sight of my mom kneeling on the floor and filling coke cans in the cooler, made my adrenaline pump. I rushed to her, and kneeled down beside her, asking her to take a break while I filled in cans. As I stood next to my dad at the counter, doing homework and bagging the groceries, I imagined what life would have been like if either dad or mom had an education. My mom would be sitting on the sofa watching Indian shows, while I do my math homework and help my little sister do hers. And my dad would come home from work at night with stress free face with a big smile. That day I realized the importance of

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