Essay On Racism In America

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“In 2010, the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that African Americans receive 10% longer sentences than whites through the federal system for the same crimes”( ). This is just one of the many statistics that people can go off of to prove racism is still around. This being the case, racism is a difficult problem to just stop, not just in the United States, but everywhere. Everyone is the entire world is racist. Some just worse than others and in the United States, that shows all the time. The citizens, the police, and even courts show it. Since the 1960s and prior to that, racism has gotten a ton better, or at least not as outspoken. The problems consist of being born/taught to be a racist, the history in America of racism, and also what racism is like today in America and around the world. A question people have been asking for a while now is if people are born racist or just taught/influenced to be a racist by people around them. In English III first semester…show more content…
Its caused many uproars or civil rights movements looking to end the subject. Those movements have made an impact but the racial slurs and the treatment from some community members to others still exist. The fact is this is an issue that will forever haunt immigrants. America today is viewed as a racist country because of what is said here and probably because of who the president is currently. The history in America of the subject of racism is always a major topic to think about. It's not just blacks that people can be racist towards but instead any immigrant living in America. Also the Indians for that matter, the people who lived in America before anyone else. Lastly, are children born or taught to be racist? This question is one that tests are still being used to figure out. Are they taught from their surroundings to believe in subjects or are they just born that

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