Response To The Hurricane In Haiti

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In 2010 a catastrophic hurricane hit the small country, Haiti with the population of about 10.85 million. On January 12, hundreds of people were horribly affected. Houses were destroyed by winds up to 145 mph, and an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0.The winds caused flying debris and trees to be uprooted. There was also a storm surge included in the hurricane. Crops were pulled apart and no one ever saw it coming. The hurricane in Haiti was one of the most enormous and destructive ever there. In response to this hurricane, people were left displaced, had little or no food supply, and power lines collapsed. To begin with, this disastrous hurricane has tremendously hit the area hard. The hurricane created heavy rains, a storm surge, and a magnitude of 7.0, according to USA Today. Also USA Today adds, that it was a CAT 4 hurricane and winds were up to 145 mph. It was one of the most major hurricanes in 50 years in Haiti. This was one of the biggest and…show more content…
After the hurricane all houses were crumbled to the very bottom and nothing was left for shelter. The tops of houses were thrown off the top to the point where you could see the whole sky. 3,200 houses were wrecked, which displaced thousands. At the end, dirt in the air darkened the sky. With all shelters destroyed, people were left to the elements with no help in site. During the time no shelters were there to keep the people safe after the hurricane. The electricity was disrupted as well as the internet connection. The hurricane took out power lines and snapped the wires in half. This situation caused most people to live without electricity. They had to live without light, and hospitals had less medical equipment. Some were luckier and had solar panels to live on and had it much easier. Others had to act as if they were camping with nothing, but each other. People lost connection to other parts of the world. Help is on the

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