JAG National Student Leadership Academy

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I believe to be qualified to the chosen as a JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) representative to attend the JAG National Student Leadership Academy for the same and many more reasons I was one of the few chosen to apply. I have constantly sustained my academic excellence for my continuing high school career at a 4.0 GPA and plan to continue to keep it so. There have been nights where I have not slept to accomplish my assignments on time. I pride myself in my persistence for quality work and the pursuit for knowledge. Attendance is my duty as a student to be able to get the best of my public education. There are many countries that do not offer such an opportunity and to have such an opportunity is of great privilege. I am very enthusiastic…show more content…
The goal of this program is to be able to graduate and to pursue a career. Lowering the rate of high school dropouts can also lower government costs. Statistics estimate that more than half of dropouts rely on public assistance. However, I believe that by encouraging students to graduate and pursue a higher education that they will be happier at what they have accomplished and won’t have to worry as much financially. Many worry over the costs of pursuing higher education, just as I have, but, there are many ways to help pay for those costs such as scholarships, grants, and most importantly financial aid. This would involve the importance of academic excellence because the better it is the more scholarships and grants that you would be able to receive. There are many options to help students pursue a higher education. That is why it is vital to educate and encourage students to pursue post-secondary education and I have confidence that after returning from Washington D.C. I would be able to do…show more content…
I have always loved helping others, which is my primary reason why I hope to pursue a medical career. As I watch the news of the issues that are arising in the Middle East, it worries me to see graphic images of people in need, however, feeling hopeless to the situation. This is what I want; to help those who need it the most (no matter who, people are people who are loved by someone), to save lives, to be able to see the happiness of people who are relieved to see their loved ones alive. This is my motivation and to accomplish big dreams you must take small steps at a time. I also hope to develop my leadership skills more thoroughly because despite being able to take charge I feel that I lack the confidence and decision-making skills needed to by a worthy leader. Confidence is vital in a leader to boost morality in a team and trust which I feel I don’t have much of at times, but by going to the leadership academy it will sharpen this skill. The ability to make quick decisions is also something I believe is important and to be able to rid of hesitance would result in a worthy

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