Imi Bhubanswar Case Study

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Business plan to promote admission and retention in IMI Bhubaneshwar Introduction IMI Bhubaneshwar was set up with the vision to become a world-class business school, achieving excellence in management education and research through continuous competency building. International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar commenced the classes for the first batch of PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) approved by AICTE on August 2011. The new campus of IMI at Bhubaneswar is dedicated to develop socially sensitive, ethical, value adding leaders and organizations through relevant teaching, research, training and consulting that serve stakeholders' interests. IMI, Bhubaneswar has world-class infrastructure at the brand new, fully…show more content…
An institution’s ability to raise its standing, attract top faculty, develop new programs, and bring in top recruiters relies on the talents of its campus population. Increasing its endowment, expanding in size and scope, and staying engaged with the world all depend on students and alumni who are both ambassadors and supporters of the school. The admission criteria for IMI Bhubaneshwar is extremely low and getting quality students should be the main criteria for IMI Bhubaneshwar. the student body and alumni represent their respective colleges in the corporate world. Education is a business where word of mouth marketing is considered of utmost…show more content…
Last year 45 students took admission in IMI Bhubaneshwar but only 16 went on to complete their education The College needs to improve its brand image to attract better students and make IMI Bhubaneshwar an attractive destination for the future. It needs to go on an extended PR drive to improve its brand image and also to ensure that once students take admission in the college they do not leave. The fees charged at business schools in the same category business schools is lower than that at IMI Bhubaneshwar. Though the facilities at IMI Bhubaneshwar are much better than most of these schools they are not able to convey these positives to the prospective students. The colleges who can be considered competitors of IMI have aggressive promotion strategies and have advertisements on al web portals, newspapers magazines and some even have Television advertisements. While most locals are unaware of IMI Bhubaneshwar. IMI Bhubaneshwar has many positives and has the potential to become a force to reckon with in the near future.

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