Pros And Cons Of Csr On Brand Image

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Ethical dilemma in organization regarding to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is right to have good image. According to Keller (1993), organization image is the brand’s public reception, reflecting organization’s brand awareness and the shape of brand associations that is form in public conscious minds. A study from Reputation Institute which is a private global consulting firm has found that about 42% people feel about an organization is based on their perceptions towards CSR of the organization itself. A research from Werther & Chandler (2005) stated that CSR give a positive effect on brand image. Each organization promotes its business activities in different perspectives such as by using CSR. As said by Abreu & Carreira (2007), CSR can engages in special activities that give benefits towards publics such as customers, employees, suppliers and society. Gronroos (2007) said that it is important to consider the customer’s way of identifying with the brand to succeed with brand building. As we can see in every annual reports for each organization, it glow with descriptions…show more content…
Some of the marketing objectives of CSR are increasing visibility, enhancing corporate image and thawing negatives publicity. The main advantage of CSR are improvement of company image, attracting media attention, altering attitudes and helping the company’s relationship with the government and impressing key decision makers. It is clear that they all acknowledge the fact that corporate social responsibility activities can indeed enhance the company’s image. They also concur on the fact that CSR can go beyond enhancing company image, and also bring other benefits to the organization which will, all if summed up will, improve the overall performance of the organization and also improve the bottom line of the organization in all its areas of

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