Mech-1103 Experiment: An Analysis Of The Determination Of Nitrite

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Determination of nitrite and phosphate Mech-1103 assignment 2 C.SUNGKUR 10/20/2016 STUDENT ID: 1615715 Faculty of engineering Title: Determination of concentration for unknown solutions of nitrite and phosphate. Author: C. SUNGKUR Student id: 1615715 Date of submission: 20/10/2016 Submitted to: Mr. Y.SEECHURN ABSTRACT When primary aromatic amine and nitrous acid react together, it results in a diazonium compound and this process is called diazotization. In this experiment, we are asked to find out the concentration of unknown solutions of nitrite and phosphate. In order to perform the experiment, diazotization method for NitriVer 3 nitrite reagent powder pillow and PhosVer 3 phosphate reagent powder…show more content…
In order to determine the absorbance of nitrite and phosphate, different amount of their concentration were used. This process was carried out in a spectrophotometer. SPECTROPHOTOMETER A spectrophotometer is used to measure how much light is being absorbed in by the nitrite and phosphate by calculating the intensity of light as the beam of light passes through the nitrite and phosphate. Before measuring the intensity of nitrite and phosphate, a blank solution is firstly used to calibrate the spectrophotometer as the blank solution has no signs of chemical components. NITRITE Nitrite is a weak and unstable acid. It can be oxidized or reduced depending on the strength of the oxidizing agent or reducing agent. USES OF NITRITES: It is used in curing…show more content…
But in this experiment that we performed, the line at the Y-axis approaches 0 (Y-intercept = -0.0155 for nitrite and 0.1 for phosphate). A slight change in the results is caused due to factors contributing to errors. Sources of errors in experiments are: Poor pipetting techniques (Bubble of air may be present in pipette). Poorly mixed solution (Presence of undissolved powder in mixture). Impurities on the vials (Impurities on the vials surfaces may affect the wavelength for absorbance to occur). Steps to improve experiment: Release the pipette filler slowly to avoid air bubbles. Use a stirring rod to mix the solution. Clean the vials with distilled water. Conclusion Throughout this experiment, we found the concentration of ions in sample of unknown solution of nitrite and phosphate. Using the spectrometer we have determined absorbance of various concentrations of nitrite and phosphate solutions. Graphs of absorbance against concentration were plotted. According to the graphs we can assume that absorbance proportional to concentration (for both nitrite and phosphate solution). Therefore we can consider that absorbance and concentration vary linearly to each

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