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International Business of Hyundai Motor Company Abstract The article is to analysis how HMC to use global business development in China automobiles industry by explain the international business environment such as economic, culture, political and legal aspect, to master the background knowledge for being successful in China. China is variety, immense diversity and complexity as well as enormous competitive intensity, which are a rivaled by other market in the world. HMC understand the characteristic of China make it easy to capture the market position. The article also reviews the internationalization strategy, market entry strategy as well as the organizational structure of HMC in China. 1 International Business Environment in China 1.1 Economic…show more content…
Creating the Chinese version and add new feature to customize the favor of Chinese. HMC trends to cut prices to gain share. For the Place, it separates China into seven regions and two categories to expand the distribution channel. Promotion increased control of the distribution channel by established 4S Shops. HMC select the appropriate dealer shop which can provide after sales service and spare parts supplies to the consumer. This can attract the consumer and establish brand image and more effective control of sales networks 3.2 Distribution strategies To establish efficient distribution channel, HMC Expand geographically and use the 4S shop model to control the service quality and provide after sale service to the consumer. It classified China market into seven regions and two categories following Hub &spoken pattern to establish channel expansion…show more content…
When select the suitable dealers, HMC focus on its passion, determination and past experience. Selected dealers were given training program with advertisement and sales promotion. It increases the knowledge of the sales to introduce the suitable car model to the customers. 3.3 Importance in global development The importance of these strategies in global business development is that the resource can be used more effective. Lower price can create the competitive advantage and thus the market share increase. The distribution channel is wide expanding around the city and make more effective to promote the product. Unique feature make the product more customize to personal and make it more different. Through the 4S shops, the customer can have a quality assurance and can make more loyalty customers. These can increase the brand image of HMC and increase the sales.

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