Research Methodology: Different Types Of Research Methodology

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Research Methodology The Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problems. It includes the overall research design, sampling procedure, data collection method and data analysis procedures. Types of research: The Descriptive research method has been followed to conduct this study. The research design includes survey and fault finding enquiries of different kinds, it deals with the state of affairs and is an expert factor research. The researcher does not have any influence on the data being collected. Collection of data: Data collected through the questionnaire is quite popular. It is well designed & structured in order to enable collection of data required. Data source: For this study, the source of data selected…show more content…
Simple percentage analysis: Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio. Percentages are used to describe the relationship. Percentage = (Number of respondence consumers)/(Total number of consumers) X 100 Chi-square analysis: The Chi-square test is used to find out whether there is relationship among various groups chi-square can be calculated using the formula. It is defined as: ² = ( ∑▒〖 〖(O-E)〗^2 〗)/E Where ‘O’ refers to the observed frequencies and ‘E’ refers to expected frequencies. Analysis and Interpretation: Analysis is the process of placing the data in an ordered form, combining them with the existing information and extracting meaning from them. In other words, analysis is an answer to the question ‘what message is conveyed by each group of data’. Which are otherwise raw facts and are unable to give a meaningful information. The raw data become information only when they are analyzed and put in a meaningful…show more content…
Graph: Information regarding to which brand of cement purchased. Interpretation: From the above table it is found that the respondent’s response on the purchasing of cement brand has taken a leading position in the cement market. i.e. none other than Dalmia. Dalmia occupies 25% of the market and it is in leading position and remaining Zuari 20%, Bharathi 22%, ICL 7%, Coromandel 10% and other cement brands 16% occupying one after another respectively in the cement market. One more thing found that the last three companies ICL, Coromandel and Others when comparatively observed ICL and Coromandel (7%+10%=17%) approximately occupying market with others cement companies (16%). Therefore, can conclude that in the view of consumers or respondents have given unimportance of buying three company’s cement than that of the remaining three companies of cement. Table: Information regarding to satisfaction with the present brand in various respects: S. No. Factors Satisfaction respondents with Various Cement Brand Factors in Percentage Dalmia Zuari Bharathi Coromandel ICL 01. Quality 82 79 77 75 72 02. Setting Time 76 75 71 72 65 03. Value for Money 43 46 38 43 22 04. Availability 91 88 86 66

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