How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife Analysis

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Introduction The story is about Leon returning to his hometown Nagrebcan with his wife, Maria who is willing to make sacrifices to go in a rural community for her to prove herself to her father-in-law that she is worthy to live in the province, and at last she will be introduced formally by her groom (Leon) to his family. Leon is the eldest among his siblings, and most traditional family looks forward to the eldest sibling to give the family a hope for a better living, most will give all their resources and make sacrifices for them to be able to their eldest sibling to school, so that he/she will find a more decent job. Leon’s family from a rural community is for sure somehow expecting him to be returning his favour to his family, but Leon…show more content…
Arguilla) is greatly influenced by his personal experiences and his personal attachment to the plece where he was born, Barrio Naguilian, Bauang, La Union. Margarita Estabillo gave to him on June 17, 1911. He wrote the story “How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife” between 1933 and 1940 and publish it in 1940. His surroundings greatly influenced the way he writes, he may be thinking of his family while he is studying in University of the Philippines, and make him his inspiration to write his award winning…show more content…
It is not the physicality being the reason why Leon’s father will not like her, but because she is from a urban community and not used to the physical environment that they have in the province. That is why Maria is with Leon to prove herself to his groom’s father. Maria and Leon sang together the song “Sky Sown with Stars”, which is the song Leon and his father used to sing together when they cut hay in the fields at night before he went away to study. This shows that Leon has not forgotten his family even he went to a far off place. And Maria being able to learn to sing the song also proves that Maria also want to somehow create a bond, and to relate to Leon’s family. When they finally got home Leon kissed her mother’s hand, this show how people give respect to their parents. Kissing in the hand is a gesture that indicates the act of being polite, respectful, or admiration, or sometimes even devotion toward a woman, but what Leon did is to give respect to his mother. The first thing he asked his mom is his father. Maybe Leon is expecting his father to welcome them warmly, but he will also give benefit of the doubt because her mom told him that his father is upstairs because he is in pain because of his

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