The Importance Of Brand Image

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Each year, advertisers spend millions of dollars to familiarize consumers with their brand and the connected brand images. Jacoby, Olson, and Haddock (1971) explain brand image as “the subjective, emotional cluster of meaning and symbols that the consumer attributes to a particular brand” (p. 571). But what if certain symbols that usually contribute to the brand image, such as brand name and quality claims, are manipulated to make a product more attractive in order to enhance the association with luxury? In this theoretical framework, the influence of a premium brand name and a suggestive quality claim on product expectations, taste experience and quality perception will be discussed on the basis of studies that were conducted in the past…show more content…
(Pracejus, 1995). Since the nineties, the market for luxury and premium brands developed significantly (Nueno & Quelch 1998; Vickers & Renand 2003). Several factors, including an increased spending capacity, encouraged the middle classes to spend more money on brands (Hudders, Pandelaere, Vyncke, 2013). Consequently, the market for luxury and premium brands was no longer the sole domain of the higher class (Yeoman & McMahon-Beattie 2006; Wiedmann, Hennigs & Siebels 2009). The nature of luxury and premium brands has changed due to this democratization; the exclusive has now become the usual (Garland, Cornish & Bean 2008). As a consequence, the traditional definition of luxury “as something that is out of the ordinary in terms of daily living needs” is no longer justifiable (Vickers & Renand…show more content…
Regarding the first category, depending on the outcomes of the pre-test, a premium coffee brand that is well known for its quality such as Douwe Egberts, Illy or Starbucks will be chosen as solid basis for the manipulation. Likewise a generic brand name will be chosen. For the second category, a suggestive product claim referring to the excellent quality will be selected such as “premium roasted”, in order to test if the possible differences in product expectations, taste experience and quality perception can be traced down to the brand name, the quality claim or a combination of

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