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Aristotle: “Aim of Art Therapy is to present outwards appearance of things as well as inner significance.” Art Therapy or an expressive therapy is a therapy in which, through art or drawing a person expresses his feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is a process in which thinking and observation is separated. Floating thoughts of mind is called as thinking and observation is known as creation of thoughts in mind. For mentally ill patient expressing his emotions and feelings is not very easy. So this therapy helps people a lot with mental health. This therapy helps client to discuss himself to express his inner feelings and to make out his emotional state. It was my rotation to karwan-e-hayat. I was assigned to a 25 years old male patient. He…show more content…
Individual achievement: Art therapy fabricates sentiment support, grandiosity and certainty. Recreation and Anxiety Reprieve: This treatment helps in diminishing anxiety. What’s more, it helps quiet in unwinding. Empowerment or Strengthening: This therapy helps a man to express his feelings and sentiments and reasons for alarm like my patient, his apprehensions and blame was controlling his emotions. Symptoms alleviation and Physical recoveries: Art Therapy helps a patient to recover physical manifestations, for example, torment and aides in uplift of mental working so as to mend as a recovery on annoyance and different anxieties in view of passionate and physical…show more content…
On an individual level recommendation would be, I will continue this practice the way I did with my patient in future I will persist it with others as well. I found it helpful for those who feel hesitation in venting out their emotions. I can give awareness in my community the importance of it. We can have sessions in our societies within friends and neighbors’. Next is institutional level in which we can provide teaching to our hospital staff especially those who are working in mental ward. They should know how Art therapy can help the patient. Last is the governmental level, working on this level is not easy and at times impossible as well. But by engaging with NGO’s and working with them the way Shazia Muhammad is working can give positivity on this level by benefiting

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