One-Sentence 'Soundbite' Revised Summary

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Ajaykumar Patel Instructor: Eugenia Leigh English 161 February 10, 2015 One-Sentence “Soundbite” Revised Summary In the chapter “What Counts as Good Art” in Art As Therapy, Alain De Botton and John Armstrong discuss different techniques for how “good art” has been read and judged for years with spice of his own technique. Paragraph “Abstract” Revised Summary “What Counts as Good Art?” from the book Art As Therapy by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong talks about the fundamentals of “good art.” A good piece of art can mean many things to different people because everyone has a different vision of an art. Good art does not form on its own, they are the result of complicated custom, money support, education, and with support of museums and universities…show more content…
Technical reading is where an artist invents, discovers or first time makes a move towards revealing real world as art. World famous Cezanne’s Mount Sainte Victoire was very important painting because it is one of earliest “artistic technique for showing shapes without using outlines”(68). In political reading of art, “a work is seen as good to the extent that it makes important points about man’s search for dignity, truth, justice, and the due allocation of financial rewards”(68). Gainsborough’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrews is a very momentous piece of art where it shows ownership of the land in the picture. Historical reading is a work of art that shows importance, culture, and society of the past. The Healing of a Man Possessed by a Demon by Vittore Carpaccio is an artwork showing a famous bridge before it was renovated. It teaches us how building, culture, and society was in Venice around the1500’s. It showed the richness, businesses and religious life and much more of that time. At last, shock-value reading is where art has power to either destroy or shock; however it can spread awareness and lead to improvement. Art that shook the world of art when a painting of Virgin Mary was created by elephant dung and using pornography pictures all over was the picture created by Chris Ofili, Holy Virgin

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