Tradition In The Lottery: The Influence Of Tradition

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The Influence of Tradition This semester, in literature class, I read a story named The Lottery, which narrates a traditional activity. Currently, tradition is a topic people often talk about. After learning this story, I begin to think something about this topic. In this article, two parts are included, one part is people’s view on this traditional activity in the story”The Lottery”, while the other part is my opinion on tradition, and how tradition values in our modern society. In the story “ The Lottery ”, I think that people in the town did not attach importance to this traditional activity---lottery, but they insist on holding this activity every year instead of just canceling this…show more content…
Now everything is changing so fast that people are under tremendous stress and tension. The tension grows more if they are individuals or if they are alone. However, if there is someone to fall back upon, or if there is someone to share it with, you will feel better. In addition, I have read such a sentence on Internet “ It is not the money you earn that gets respect, it is not knowledge alone--- only when they are combined with values, human values, a feeling for others, can you become a better person, a better human being, and of course you are respected by society.” From these words, I also realize how valuable traditional values are in our modern society. When we are very young, our parents have taught us that we should be honest, hard working, friendly, persevering, responsible and some other excellent qualities. All of these are traditional values that old people pass to us. If everyone in today’s society can own these qualities, our country will become stronger and stronger. I still remember the news in 2011, a two-year-old girl called Xiao Yueyue was crushed by two cars, in seven minutes, 18 people passed by, but all of them pretended that they did not see her. What if they own the traditional values, the results must be different. So, the tradition still has great value in modern…show more content…
In my opinion, what we should do is reserving the excellent and eliminating the decadent and backward culture instead of reserving all the traditions blindly. Only the excellent tradition can promote the development of society. Take the lottery for an example, from the story, we know that the people who pick the paper with a black spot will be executed by stone, actually it is not fair, which just uses a paper and a black box to determine a person’s death. The lottery has lasted in this town for many years as a tradition, however, people have forgotten the reason why the lottery is held, but they still decided to inherit the tradition for that they are afraid of the return to the primitive times. The only old adage that accompanies it is superstitious saying:”Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” Villagers blindly accept the lottery which allows ritual murder. In my opinion, people in the town should abolish the lottery, because it doesn’t conform to the trend of times and it cannot do any contribution to the society. However, I believe most of the traditions are excellent, such as some traditional values, some traditional festivals, we should try our best to reserve them and pass the excellent tradition to our next

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