The Pros Of Hiring An Architect In Johor Bahru

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Architects in Johor Bahru What are the Pros of Hiring an Architect in Johor Bahru? Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor, a state in Malaysian. Capital cities are known for their architecture, as cities are the places where many visitors come to enjoy city life. Johor Bahru is right across from Singapore, and is connected by the Straits of Johor. Once again, one is faced with a different type of climate than the rest of the cities in Malaysia. This will, therefore, make it so much easier to make use of a local architect who would understand the surroundings – that is, the soil consistencies, as well as the weather patterns. One of the main points here is that the temperatures and average rainfalls vary very little throughout the year. It…show more content…
It will also exclude the cost of the finishes you choose for your home, and its square meter measurements. As with most buildings in the Malaysian districts, the housing in Johor Bahru has an average 6-12 units per floor, and measures 46-83 square meters per unit. For the domestic construction, the costs would vary between RM 1,300 to the lowest cost of RM 700. Again, this would just be for the basic construction and would exclude services for the area Johor Bahru. These costs are taken from the 2013 Construction Cost Data. As the years went by, there was and still is a substantial raise in the cost of…show more content…
There are definitely no architectural restrictions as to the style of what architects can build in Johor Bahru. It depends entirely on what the architect presents to the owner, and whether the owner approves it. The characteristics of the architecture in Johor Bahru fall mainly in the modern architecture styling. The few styles of Chinese and Indian Vernacular are the temples that have been built. The same applies to the mosques, and the Catholic churches around. There are also a number of buildings with familiar colonial styling. The skyscrapers are not too high, and give the city a homely and residential feel. There are also very few eclectic buildings, except for the newer residential architecturally designed buildings. Much of such examples are scattered around Johor Bahru. These houses give one the feeling of experimental architecture as well. However, having said that, the owners are impressed by their

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