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The primary goal of this study was to ascertain the circumstances under which the human image turns uncanny by looking at its reproduction in film and the response by audiences, in respect to interpretations of the digital actor. The problem emerges when digital actors pretend to be human, because of state of the art technology they look human, they appear human but when they act and need to convince the audience, the acting is not on par and they fail to be accepted as human. According to Laing (2001:6) the word synthespian means an artificially created human actor and is the Hollywood Screen Actors' Guild's nightmare. The word was first coined by Los Angles digital effects expert Jeff Kleiser when he created the first virtual actor for his 1988 short film. Bath (2004:4) states that Chas Jarrett, CG supervisor at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) agrees that virtual computer generated actors can be lead-role material: “A CG actor could be characterised as any emoting digital fictional character. It is a grey area to allege it exclusively applies to human beings because we see human actors wearing prosthetic masks all the time. They do not appear human but they are still actors. Therefore, their physique is inapplicable whenever they're actuated by a sense of character…show more content…
Filming on the latest ‘Fast and Furious 7’ film had to be delayed when Paul Walker, one of the main actors in the film, suddenly passed away due to a car crash. According to Garvey, Niemitz and Cartwright (2014:01) filmmakers have decided to use body doubles with CGI head and voice replacement in order to finish the film. Due the investment already made in the film one can understand the steps the filmmakers took to finish the

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