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Cosmetology by definition is the study of beauty and beauty treatment. It is divided into various specialties, there are those who deal with nail care. Others deal with hairstyles and haircutting. To become a cosmetologist one requires training and license. First I will talk about the length of cosmetology school. The length of cosmetology school depends on three factors: which beauty program you enroll in, your state's required hours for that program, and whether you enroll as a part or full time student. A full cosmetology curriculum is the most comprehensive and requires the most training hours, the national average is 1500 to 2100 training hours. Some hours for states are 300 to 600 hours. Regardless of which program you choose it eventually…show more content…
In cosmetology school you may also learn about nail technology, this helps the students learn the art and science of nail art and design, tips, forms, wraps, gels and more. Students will also learn to shape, file, color and paint nails as well as perform full manicures and pedicures. Students learn about the importance of salon safety and sanitation procedures. Permanent makeup training students learn how to design and implement creative makeup looks, pair makeup with specific hairstyles, apply full makeup, and corrective or spot makeup. Many schools consider the makeup as part of cosmetology. Permanent makeup is a creative and growing industry that attracts individuals who seek to pursue a career in beauty or medical professions. Students of who are in the permanent makeup training program learn how to tattoo, to recreate the look of cosmetics such as eyeliner, lipstick, brow liner, blush, eye shadow and other makeup products. Depending on what career a cosmetologist chooses and what comes along with that career, a cosmetologist can make real good

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