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The outlook towards marriage in India has been far from finding love in a person’s life since the end of the supposed Vedic periods. Marriage has been a contract between the families of the couple rather than the couples themselves. Over time marriage has become a social obligation, where a man or woman who is not married before a certain age (which is lesser for women) are looked upon as if they are outcasts in the society. Even in these modern times, this attitude hasn’t changed moreover it has solidified and methods of arranged marriages have been extended using technologies for online matrimonial websites. “A Suitable Girl” chronicles the lives of three young, educated Indian women and their attempts at finding a suitable partner whose family and lifestyle match their own. Dipti, a 30-year-old woman from Delhi who’s a pre-primary teacher spends most of her time trying…show more content…
She’s been searching for years and one of the marriage consultants tells her she’s a little bit overweight for the market. There’ a subtle reference to the dowry when one of the suitors rejects the prospect of a relationship because of the social status. Even in Dipti’s birthday party every one of the guests seems to be more concerned with blessing her to get married soon rather than wishing her birthday. Among all this Dipti always stays the charming part of the documentary, with her bubbly positive attitude even though at times the pressure takes over. Ritu is the most indifferent among the three women towards marriage. She’s more concerned about her career, yet the society expects her to get married and she acknowledges the fact. Her mother Seema is the one who’s most concerned about her marriage. One of the most shocking moments of the documentary is when the marriage of Ritu is fixed and her fiancé talks about his extreme indifference towards marriage while she’s sitting right next to

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