Importance Of Admission In College

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Next day onwards my parents visited all the girls’ colleges in the city. Admissions were closed as it was two month late. They tried to bribe them but normal colleges are scheduled according to the universities and bribing a university for single admission was next to impossible. Someone told Tayaji to try admission in autonomous colleges. None of the autonomous college was of girls. They follow co-education system. Unwillingly they took admission in St. Joseph Degree College only because it is near to my home and they can keep an eye on me. Things were going against my wish bit I had to accept my bloody fate. 13 Unfortunately, unwilling and undeterminably I joined in St. Joseph Degree College as per my parents wish. After struggling a lot with myself I decided to accept my fate and concentrate on my studies. I convinced myself thinking that something better is ahead for me. New college, new people, overall new environment and after a long time I had seen so many boys around. I saw Sameer in every boy and stayed…show more content…
She could neither share her problem nor cry on her fate but still she is quite for the pride of her family and husband who unfortunately doesn’t deserve. Then I realized that she did a mistake by agreeing for arrange marriage. It would be better if she would have eloped with Arnav. Under my pressure she had step backed. In arrange marriages parents focus on the family and their status but not on the groom with whom their daughter had to spend her life. They don’t exchange their medical certificates. If asked then it will be a big tumult telling that they doubt their child. They just go blind looking at the riches thinking that their daughter will be fully flourished and can spend her life happily. No matter how modern girls are, after marriage she just thinks of her husband and her family and keeps on sacrificing her desires. Right from womb till her last breath she had to struggle for

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