GPA Student Report

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Everyone remembers those dreadful trips to the high school guidance counselors’ office to discuss your future plans and the grades required to get you there. From last minute cramming to pulling all nighters’ just to get your GPA “college ready.” But for many of us here at Queensborough, the incentive remains the same. Of course if you plan on transferring into a senior college and later on to graduate or medical school, maintaining a good GPA is essential for admission. But the importance of maintaining a high GPA goes beyond the world of academics. The higher your GPA, the greater your chances of seizing opportunities that are in high demand, such as internships, scholarships and even special programs you may want to transfer into. Employers…show more content…
Hodge, Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management here at Queensborough. Mr. Hodge also mentions "GPA helps when students are interested working with professors, especially in undergraduate research projects, you can get more opportunities when you have a higher GPA." One major source of confusion for students here is differentiating between the semester and cumulative grade point averages (GPA). The semester GPA summarizes the student’s academic progress during a specific semester. The cumulative GPA displays the student’s entire academic career since entering college, summarizing all the grades and courses that have been taken. While achieving all A’s this semester is great it won’t get you out of the hot seat just yet, keep your eye on the cumulative GPA as well. As students we face common strife’s in our academic careers whether it’s lack of motivation, organization or procrastination. Danielle Izzo-Buckner an English professor and ASAP Advisor here on campus said “Students struggle the most with time management. They don't utilize their resources
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