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E-commerce business is a the art of selling goods or services online. E-commerce also known as E-business draws it's usage on the influence of technology and advancement in modern trading. Technological advancement such as online transaction, electronic transfer, fund transfer electronically and other new management activities like supply chain and logistic management, inventory management, on-time management etc. With the advent of the world wide web, e-commerce has taken over the businessphare both for small and medium scale businesses and multinational corporations. A good example of e-commerce business transaction is, a typical movie download such as iTunes stores, EBay, Amazon online bookstores, and other online stores. E-commerce…show more content…
In this form both parties are registered businesses. B2C: This category is called business to consumers and it involves a business selling directly to buyers, customers or the public. This business make use of some software's to transact their businesses such as shopping carts. Example of this is Amazon. C2B: Here (consumer to business) , the consumer is the top king as he post his need or project with a giving set of instructions and budget line, companies that are interested on the business then bids on it while it's left for the consumer to select the company he wish to trade with. A good example is Upwork and freelancer. C2C This form and last method is popularly known as consumer to consumer methods. This e-commerce method allows consumers are allowed to buy and sell their goods within a classified ads, marketplace and forums. A good example is eBay and Etsy. E-commerce business has evolved to just selling just services as it was know before to more tangible products such as electronics, cars, furniture etc. With the advancement in the banking sector and as mobile devices are not getting more automated, e-commerce, e-marketing or mobile marketing is now becoming a market on it's…show more content…
Website The first and most important tool or step needed in going into online marketing or what we call e-commerce is the creation of a simple but functional website or blog. Creation of a webpage comes easy through the use of Wordpress, Shopify, square space and blogger. This applications are mobile friendly with easy to use templates. Payments One other important feature to look out for as a shop owner is getting your payments from your consumers. This process of using credit card for payment by consumers can be done using any of this methods. PayPal, Google wallet, Square, Payooner or direct interbank payment. All this are the popular methods of accepting payments from your customers online. Other more advance payment ways are Authorize.Net, which offers users more discount transaction. Selling physical products For businesses that deals on tangible products, you would need to integrate other shipping merchant processors such as PayPal, UPS, USPS and others. This services offers marketers or businesses postage processing facilities that enables them sell physical goods.

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