Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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People of the United States are in the midst of a raging war in which a verdict regarding life or death must be reached. The end of the perpetual issues of abortion seems nowhere in sight as people grasp to their unswayed beliefs. Pro-life advocates believe that a woman does not hold the right to terminate the pregnancy of her unborn baby. On the other hand, pro-choice advocates take the stand of a women’s choice to either give life to the baby or abort it since it is merely a clump of cells. A woman's choice is seen as far more important than a fetus’s rights. Abortion continues to plague society as people question their beliefs about the status of the fetus, the rights of the mother, and the morality of terminating a pregnancy. The question people often…show more content…
In the Bible, God sees David in the womb as a marvelous being formed by him. God said David was being fearfully and wonderfully made while in his mother’s womb. Jared Moore states,“Not only must Planned Parenthood be stopped, but all the murder of unborn human persons must also be stopped. Abortion must be abolished, for it is the great sin of the United States. The blood of 55,000,000 aborted/murdered human persons cry out for justice.” His strong opinion is shown through his belief that murder is taking place and society must act with justice to give a voice to the unborn babies being killed. However, abortion is not always seen as murder. Often times, it is favorable in most of the eyes of the citizens of the United States in cases of rape, incest, fetal abnormality, or to protect the women's health (Halfmann). Those who are pro-life argue the child should never be punished for the father or mother’s sin. A woman must be responsible for what she chooses to do with her body and the consequences of it. However, when women want to abort a baby for financial issues, lifestyle changes, or family size much less support is
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