Absurd Drama Analysis

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rights and dreams in that rough society that ignore them. They were provoked by the hypocrisy of the upper class people. They criticized the ignorance of the British government for the needs of the lower class citizens (Lacey 19). These playwriters including John Osborne and Kingsley Amis were from the working, lower middle class origin. They struggled against the Establishment and the class-system that opened the doors for the rich and ignored the rights of the working class. Their works discussed the topics and the problems of the roofless lower-middle or working classes (Lacey 20). John Osborne is one of the leading figures of the Angry young men movement. He spends much of his childhood in poverty. Anger is the main factor in his plays.…show more content…
There is no hope of man’s efforts and reality is unbearable. The absurd plays are characterized of the absence of the plot. They have no beginning or middle or end. In Addition, there is no development of events. The absurd plays are not purposeful and not specific. They are like the art of an abstract painting which does not convey a definite meaning. Moreover, The setting of the absurd plays is very limited and the characters are without any backgrounds. The language is the most important element in these plays. The absurd playwrights thinks that language can not express the human experiences and it is an insufficient tool of communication (Al-Abedi…show more content…
The theatre of the absurd also shed light on the loss of faith in religion from the contemporary life. The theatre of the absurd directs man’s awareness to the unlimited realities of his condition. As a result, the absurd plays seem to be highly unusual, innovative structure, and aim to shake man out of every day concerns in life (Sternlicht

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